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Travel With Glenn

Glenn Rawson has been has been leading travel groups around the world for over a decade. 

Glenn brings a unique church history perspective to each place he travels and you’ll leave educated and uplifted after joining him on a tour. 

Glenn’s trips are in extremely high demand and often sell out more than a year in advance. If you are interested in traveling with him, don’t wait to talk to his travel team. 

Glenn Rawson Stories

Glenn Rawson has been telling inspirational stories for over 30 years. His stories started as a way to teach and share with his family and a few close friends. His stories are now broadcast throughout the United States on more than 50 radio stations each week.  

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More From Glenn

Inspirational Stories, and Unforgettable Locations

Seek and Expect Miracles

New Book By Glenn Rawson

Stories of Angels, Visions, and Dreams

The best stories come from the lives of real people. The accounts from this book have been researched and are told based on the accounts of each individual, their journal entries and other accounts that could be confirmed. We hope that the miracles and the evidence of the Lord’s hand in the lives and details of His children will help uplift and grow faith in the Almighty.

Glenn's Books

Stories of Christmas- Second Edition

New From Glenn Rawson, Jean Tonioli and Jason Toniolli

This book is written in two parts.

The first section includes stories of favorite Christmas songs and hymns, excerpts from history related to the season, and personal holiday experiences which are meaningful to the authors.

The second section contains stories from the Bible related to the birth of Jesus Christ.

This Second Edition copy features NEW stories not found in the first edition.

Stories of the Hymns

New Book By Glenn Rawson, Jean Tonioli and Jason Tonioli

This book is sure to become a best seller! Be inspired by the stories that led to the writing of many of the most popular Christian hymns. Our team spent several thousand hours researching the most impactful stories and has compiled them into over 200 pages that cover 41 of the hymns.

Order the 2021-2022 Compilation Book!

Year 3 of Our VIP Stories

VIP Members received the new stories collection for free in the mail in late August 2022 as part of their VIP subscription. If you would like to order additional copies, you can order your copies now.

This book includes all 52 stories shared over the past 12 months from July of 2021 to June of 2022.

Stories of Missionaries, for Missionaries

Gathering Israel - Missionaries and Converts

This new book was created after Glenn had been sending weekly stories to his son who was serving a mission.

This is perfect for short spiritual thoughts to share before a youth meeting, great for families who have someone serving a mission or anyone who loves a good mission story. We have created a multi-pack discount if you’d like to order more than one copy and also have created a 52 week email series that can be used to forward a story to any missionaries you know who are currently serving.

We hope this book and the true stories inside will have a lasting impact on those who have answered the call to serve no matter where they might be serving in the vineyard.

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Travel With Glenn Rawson

If you’d like to reserve a spot on Glenn’s Costa Rica trip or if you have questions about the trip, please email: Lisa@AmazingVacationsUSA.com

Other Titles From Glenn

Read more about Glenn’s books, order extra copies of GRS stories, and order other full book titles from Glenn when you visit his bookstore.

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Glenn's Stories

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Glenn works as a travel guide doing land and cruise tours to all parts of the world. If you’re interested in learning more about his upcoming travel schedule, visit Fun For Less by clicking the button below.

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